Springfield Internet Exchange

Connecting Networks from Underground
9 Particpating ASNs, and ZERO Port Fees

What is SpringIX?

SpringIX is a switching fabric located in the Bluebird Underground deep within the limestone deposits of Southwest Missouri. A network may connect and peer putting themselves closer to content caching while also improving local network connectivity.

Bi-Lateral Peering

Establish direct peering with other SpringIX members over the exchange at no charge.

Multi-Lateral Peering

Peer with our route server to exchange routes with many neighbor at once

Private VLAN

Private VLANs are available for those requiring a private network with another SpringIX member.

Remote Peering

SpringIX is directly connected to other IXPs. This enables us to offer remote peering services to them.

SpringIX Participants

Bluebird Underground
Participating NetworkASNSpringIX IPv4SpringIX IPv6PortPeeringDBAS-SET FilterPeering
Bluebird Network62943149.112.4.32001:504:100::310Gbps/net/10692AS-BLUEBIRDOpen
Disaster Networks17303149.112.4.82001:504:100::810GbpsN/AAS17303Open
SpringIX Route Server #263203149.112.4.2532001:504:100::25310Gbps/net/19713Open
SpringIX Route Server #163203149.112.4.2542001:504:100::25410Gbps/net/19713Open
KCIX Extension
Participating NetworkASNSpringIX IPv4SpringIX IPv6PortPeeringDBAS-SET FilterPeering
Wholesale Internet32097149.112.4.12001:504:100::110Gbps/net/3266AS-WHOLESALE-INTERNETOpen
Joe's Datacenter LLC19969149.112.4.42001:504:100::410GbpsN/AAS-JDCOpen
Netnod Internet Exchange8674149.112.4.52001:504:100::51Gbps/net/2971 RS-NETNOD-ANYCASTOpen
INCX Global, LLC13737149.112.4.62001:504:100::610Gbps/net/7732AS13737Open

SpringIX Supporters.

Special thanks our supporters who through their continued generosity have made SpringIX possible.

Bluebird Underground
Wholesale Internet